Aspire 2 Solutions Ltd | Bespoke Services
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1:1 and Group Work

We offer truly inspirational education based learning programme that revolves around the core values of aspiration, attainment and motivation.


We are highly experienced in delivering effective group work programmes whilst simultaneously ensuring that each individual member of the group receives the deserved personalised attention and nurture needed to progress their academic and social wellbeing.


Our bespoke 1:1 and group work programmes consist of multi-media, music, art and therapeutic resources and are all tailored to meet the varying needs of each individual.


We offer student enrichment, life skills, health and wellbeing workshops alongside transition support into education, between school and to unaccompanied child migrants.

Parenting Facilitation

Aspire 2 Solutions recognise the importance of involving families when supporting young people from troubled backgrounds. We have a number of experienced practitioners who can deliver programmes aimed at supporting troubled families through difficult times.


Programmes include Strengthening Families and Strengthening Communities, both of which have been designed to enable parents to build on the relationship with their children and implement tools to support their own personal development and the wellbeing of the child/young person in their care.